Courses taught:
(1) CHE 202 and CHE 201: Organic chemistry I and II. Course coordinator.
(2) CHE 201: Organic Chemistry I, Hybrid on-line course.
(3) FOS 402: Undergraduate Research Internship
(4) FOS 717: Identification of Organic Compounds. Course offered in the Forensic Science Master’s program.

Other course being developed: this course will be offered in fall 2013.
“Chemistry of Cooking”
This course gives students a hands-on approach to explore the scientific basis for everyday cooking. Students will do edible experiments during the laboratory sessions and examine chemical principles. This course combines lecture and laboratory sessions as well as out of classroom activities. Students will learn methods of scientific investigation and will be able to understand the cooking process i.e. chemical reactions occurring between components in defined food systems.

chemistry of cooking.