Publications (Total number of published journal publications: 20, conference proceedings: 10, invited chapter: 1, invited presentations: 8)

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Champeil E. “Fighting the War on Drugs: What Weapons for Analysis and Detection?” Journal of Forensic Toxicology and Pharmacology” 2012, 1:1

Scholarly Book Chapter:
I have completed the following book chapter:
“Magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a powerful tool for the identification and quantitation of drugs of abuse in bio-fluids”
Title of the book “Advances in Forensic Science and Application to Law ”. CRC publishers.
Editors : Lawrence Kobilinsky, Danielle Sapse. 2012.

Grant Activities

  • Grant #41875-00 (NIH/SC3). $ 464 000 (Champeil) PI 2014- 2018
    “Role of p21 in the upstream p53-independent signaling pathway in response to MC and
    DMC DNA Interstrand Crosslinks.”
  • PSC-CUNY awards $ 15000 (Champeil) PI 2007-2012
  • John Jay College Student Technology fee $ 2000 (Champeil) PI 2008